Rehab/ Fix & Flip, New Construction, and Refinance loans   for investors

Renovo finances rehab/ fix & flip and new construction projects, both presold and spec/ models. We will also refinance completed projects waiting to sell.

We finance up to 65% – 70% of the completed value or ARV of your property. With NO monthly interest payments, our loan fees are 2 to 4 points with a 10% annual interest rate. Check out the pages on each loan program to learn more about Renovo’s ability to help streamline your financing.

For all clients, we have a two-part application process. The first is the client application completed one time. The second is the property application for each project you contemplate. During the client application process, we get to know about one another and make sure we are a good fit to work together. This includes sharing information about both your relevant experience and financial information. After this we will underwrite each property you contemplate purchasing to ensure we believe it is a risk worth taking for both of us.

Loan Programs

For new clients, we can typically complete the underwriting for a new client within five business days of receiving a completed application.

After you have been approved we can typically close loans within 48 hours of receiving your proposal for a new project. Please contact us and we can provide you with more information about our process as well as an application.

Application Process

In our application process we focus on the individuals we are underwriting.

We believe you are the biggest asset of your business so our application process is geared toward getting to know you and understanding your experience and qualifications.

After the initial application has been approved we will still look at the merits of each project to determine whether or not we believe it is suitable for all parties involved.

If you are interested in applying with Renovo please contact us for an application.
In our application we focus on the following areas:


To gain a better understanding of how you work with those important to your business, we talk with subcontractors, realtors, investors, and vendors you work with.

Background Checks

To make sure there aren’t any outstanding issues that could negatively impact a business relationship we run searches focusing on judgments, tax liens, criminal histories, and involvement in litigation.

Past Projects

We believe the construction component of this business is the most challenging so we will look at, and preferably visit, a couple of projects you and your team have completed.

Financial Statements

We understand not everything goes according to plan in this business so want to make sure you are on solid financial footings so you can withstand the inevitable bumps.